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New Gourmet sabor´s ( exclusive process that allows the product to maintain the same texture, taste and properties as if it were just made, furthermore, this allows to make the most of nutrients, due to the water tightness of the process.

First class raw ingredients and in their perfect ripening, when nutrients and vitamins are in their highest levels.

There is no editing or filters in our pictures and videos for you to see exactly the food you can find in the jars.

The amount of food you see in the pictures is the exact amount a jar contains as you can observe in the videos, even if it may look like too much, without an excess of sauce. This is only possible after extra effort is made by our team to fill up each jar by hand. All our work is based on that extra effort in the pursuit of excellence.


Heat in the microwave for around 3 minutes at maximum power until it starts to boil with the lid open but placed on top of the jar to avoid splatter. We recommend heating the jar on top of a plate to heat both the jar and plate and to heat for an extra minute. Once opened keep the jar refrigerated and consume before 4 days. You can also heat more than one jar at a time in order for a group of people to eat at the same time. As any canned food you must verify the lid isn’t bulging.

For the rice: Heat the jar content in a pot until it boils, add 160 g of rice (we recommend round rice or “bomba” rice) and boil for about 16 minutes at a medium-low heat for it not to stick or evaporate too much. Stir the rice only if you see it stick to the pot due to excessive heat or an inappropriate pot.


Must store in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. No refrigeration needed.


3 years.


Delivery is usually done by a courier service company called “Transportes GLS”. It will be delivered in a period of 48 to 72 working hours after your purchase. A second address option is available to be filled in case you´re not at home when delivered. Do not forget to provide a valid contact number to avoid any issues during delivery.

If you desire to receive your purchase on a specific day you must specify it in the observations option when filling in the data for your purchase.

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